Immigration LAW

Immigration LAW

Immigration Legal Services

People travel to Australia from all over the world for a variety of reasons. Some people decide to stay—we make it happen in a safe and legal manner. Here’s how we can help you:

  Sponsor licence application

  Allocation of certificate of sponsorship

  Compliance services

  Visa sponsorship management

  Overseas recruitment

  Immigration audit

24 Years of Experience

Legal Advice on Business Immigration Matters

Our firm provides guidance on immigration compliance and enforcement matters, assisting international entrepreneurs, facilitating the onboarding of international talent, and developing strategies for temporary and permanent immigration visas.

Free Legal Advice and Consultation

In addition to our transactional expertise, we advise on traditional corporate matters such as company incorporation, shareholder rights and activism, private equity, corporate governance, secretarial support, corporate restructuring, corporate advisory, statutory filings, regulatory compliance, debt and equity finance, and corporate advisory.

  • Temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) applications$1,050.00
  • Temporary work (short stay specialist) visa (subclass 400) applications$1,050.00
  • Temporary skill shortage (TSS) (subclass 482), and Subclass 494, 186, 187, 407 – Package (sponsorship, nomination & visa application)$3,650.00
  • Standard business sponsorship application$650.00
  • Nomination application$2,140.00
  • Visa application$1,365.00
  • General skilled migration visa application – points tested (subclasses 189, 190 & 489) Package (skills assessment, EOI, state nomination application (if required) and visa application)$3,650.00
  • Skilled regional visa (subclass 887) application$1,540.00
  • Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa (subclass 188) application$7,700.00 – $15,500.00
  • Bridging visa application$165.00
  • Visitor visa (subclass 600), Medical visa $602 – all streams$1,350.00
  • Student visa (subclass 500) application$1,050.00
  • Resident return visa (subclass 155) application and variation of residence$950.00
  • Australian citizenship application (standard)$850.00
  • Immigration litigation (administrative appeals tribunal review application)$4,500.00
  • Immigration litigation (request for ministerial intervention)$2,250.00
  • Skills assessment assistance$500.00 – $1,500.00<
  • Request for permission to work beyond 6 months (working holiday visa subclasses 417 and 462)$155.00
  • General immigration and visa advice, assessment and advice in AAT and review application$500.00
  • Assistance with admission into university or college for international students$250.00
  • Business immigration$6,500.00 – $12,500.00
  • Skilled immigration$4,000.00
  • Student and visitor visas$1,350.00
  • Business immigration$7,500.00 – $16,500.00
  • Skilled immigration$3,850.00
  • Student and visitor visas$1,350.00
  • Business Visa – representative of overseas company$5,500.00 – $1,2500.00
  • Student and visitor visas$1,350.00
  • Vanuatu:$96,000.00
  • Antigua and Barbuda$100,000.00
  • St Kitt’s and Nevis$150,000.00
  • Montenegro$274,000.00
  • Portugal$384,000.00
  • Spain$550,000.00
  • Bulgaria$560,000.00
  • Malta$1,000,000.00
  • USA$550,000.00
  • Canada$375,000.00