Offshore Company Registration

Offshore Company Registration

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Features of offshore company registration with i-Global Lawyers:

  To purchase a company, the client does not need to be in the region.

  The holding of yearly general meetings of shareholders or directors is
       not required.

  Any business activity or transaction that takes place outside the
      region is tax-free.

  The directors can keep the company’s books, records, and minutes
       in whatever location or country they want.

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i-Global Lawyers have offices in offshore locations, including UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Pakistan. We provide legal advice and register offshore companies in these jurisdictions.

Our Laywers Reduce Legal Risk for Offshore Company Formation

When operating commercially and financially as a business outside the national territory, having an offshore company allows you to take advantage of the flexibility of the country’s regulations. i-Global Lawyers provide offshore corporate law services with a track record of offering innovative and incisive legal advice and solutions.