Import & Export Controls Advice

Import & Export Controls Advice

Import/Export Control and Compliance

Australia’s export and import control regulatory framework and related requirements are extremely complex. In Australia, export controls regulate the tangible export, and/or intangible supply, of the following:

  controlled military and dual-use good, technology, software,
      or services;

  non-controlled good, technology, software, or services that may have
      a military end-use or be capable of use in a weapons of mass
      destructions (WMD) program; and

  designated goods, technology, software if services, to sanctioned
      countries, persons of entities.

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The Importance of Right Legal Guidance

Our professional import/export controls team can advise on each of these issues by delivering a comprehensive set of documents that fit our client’s business model, whilst making complex regulatory requirements more user friendly for their staff.

Price: $5,000.00