Commercial Consulting & Advisory

Commercial Consulting & Advisory

Commercial Consulting & Advisory

Every business—big or small—needs competent legal counsel and representation to help them stay compliant. We can help you with:

   Business and commercial strategy papers

   Building and construction industry advice

   Contract management services 

   ‘Approach to market’ reports

   Business plans

24 Years of Experience

Legal Advisory Services for Domestic and Multinational Firms

At i-Global Lawyers, our skilled attorneys advise business leaders on a variety of commercial law matters, providing dedicated representation when commercial disputes arise. We are cognizant of the industries our clients operate within, so we can provide tailored advice and counselling.

Guiding You Through All Kinds of Commercial Disputes

We provide services to help companies continue operating smoothly to avoid contentious and/or trans-border legal disputes. Issues we handle for commercial clients include disputes related to letters of credit, vendor disputes, factoring agreement problems and more.