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Conveyancing Get Consultation! Property Conveyancing Service. The legal transfer of property from one owner to another is known as conveyancing. Conveyancing entails all of the legal and administrative processes necessary to guarantee that a property acquisition is legal. We offer fixed fees for Commercial & Residential Property Conveyancing Service:   …
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Immigration LAW

Immigration LAW Immigration Legal Services People travel to Australia from all over the world for a variety of reasons. Some people decide to stay—we make it happen in a safe and legal manner. Here’s how we can help you:   Sponsor licence application   Allocation of certificate of sponsorship   Compliance services   Visa…
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Property LAW

Property Law Sorting Out Your Property Matters Legally Are you buying your first house, selling to upgrade to a new one, buying an investment property, or developing a property? We are here to help you with all kinds of legal matters! (Leasing – as tenant)    Advice on a commercial…
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Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury Claims “No Win, No Fee” Packages! Hire Personal Injury Claims Law Firm We offer ‘no win, no fee’ packages regarding:   Claims related to injuries sustained in public places, workplaces, or       during road or traffic accidents    Psychological or psychiatric injury claims    Airplane crash claims and claims…
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Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery Highly skilled & competent Debt Recovery Lawyers We have substantial experience in the fields of automotive, telecommunications, basic manufacturing, retail and wholesale goods, and distressed debt trading. Our track record of success illustrates that we use a variety of tried-and-true techniques to maximize the chances of recovering money…
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Civil And Criminal Litigation

Civil And Criminal Litigation Helping with Criminal and Civil Litigation When advocating for clients during civil or criminal litigation, professional lawyers must explore client-approved settlement discussions to help achieve a satisfactory resolution of the case—and our lawyers are the experts in this matter. Our areas of practice include but are…
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Corporate And Commercial Law

Corporate And Commercial Law Experts of Company Law and Corporate Contracts We have been helping local and international companies for many years and understand company law and corporate contracts thoroughly. Our competence and proficiency can be seen in our long-term partnerships with corporate clients.  Company registration  Credit rating company registration…
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Offshore Company Registration

Offshore Company Registration Need Offshore Company Registration Lawyers ? Australia’s export and import control regulatory framework and related requirements are extremely complex. In Australia, export controls regulate the tangible export, and/or intangible supply, of the following:   To purchase a company, the client does not need to be in the region.…
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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents Car Crash Claim Lawyers (Property Damages) If you are not at-fault party in a car accident, we have vast experience in Car Accident Settlement and Recovery through Negotiations, and Litigation. Tailored solutions for Car Rental, Taxies, and Rideshare Companies. Call us today for discussion and advice 1300 805…
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Airplane Crash Claims

Airplane Crash Claims Full-service Assistance for Victims of Airplane Crash Claim Lawyers At i-Global Lawyers, we focus on different types of airplane crash claims lawyers, including:    Injuries sustained on aircrafts (where a claim was refused)    Injuries sustained at airports    Airplane crash claims. 24 Years of Experience Sorting…
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