Property LAW

Property Law

Sorting Out Your Property Matters Legally

Are you buying your first house, selling to upgrade to a new one, buying an investment property, or developing a property? We are here to help you with all kinds of legal matters!

(Leasing – as tenant)

   Advice on a commercial lease

   Advice on a retail shop lease

Assignment of leases to new tenants

(Leasing – as landlord)


  Preparation of commercial leasing documents

   Preparing of retail shop leasing documents

   Negotiation and preparation of new leasing arrangements

   Assignment of commercial lease to new tenants

  Assignment of an existing retail shop lease to new tenants

24 Years of Experience

Simplifying Real Estate Transactions​

We specialise in reducing the complexity of real estate transactions by leveraging our cutting-edge technology and long-standing partnerships with real estate brokers, institutional lenders, private lenders, title insurance firms, and other real estate industry players.

Buying or Selling Property Made Easy with i-Global Lawyers

For the vast majority of people, property is their single most valuable financial asset. Let us guide you through the legal conveyancing procedure for complete peace of mind and confidence whether you are buying or selling a property. i-Global Lawyers provides comprehensive information about property law, including trademarks, copyrights, patents and design registration.

  • Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)$250.00
  • Shareholder agreement$1,140.00
  • Joint venture agreement$650.00
  • Partnership agreement$650.00
  • Termination agreement$370.00
  • Advice on setting up and structuring a business (Australia)$325.00
  • Advice on setting up and structuring a business in tax-free zones (Dubai, UAE, BVI, Seychelles, Mauritius, Panama)$350.00
  • Incorporation of an off-shore company and business setup in tax-free zones (UAE, BVI, Seychelles, Mauritius, Panama, Singapore, Hong Kong and Eastern Africa)$7,500.00 – $15,500.00
  • Preparation of a discretionary or unit trust deed$550.00
  • Company registration (including ASIC fees)$950.00
  • Complete Business Start-up Package$550.00
  • (includes business structuring advice, ABN, TFN, GST, PAYG registrations, business name registration and AUSKey setup)
  • Advice on business restructuring$710.00
  • Preparation of business policy documents (privacy policy, terms of use and email disclaimers)$670.00
  • Employment and hiring contracts, confidentiality agreements, letters of offer and related contracts (includes preparation and advice)$650.00
  • Advice on a commercial lease$570.00
  • Advice on a retail shop lease$700.00
  • Assignment of leases to new tenants$285.00
  • Preparation of commercial leasing documents$1,240.00
  • Preparation of retail shop leasing documents$1,225.00
  • Negotiation and preparation of new leasing arrangements$750.00
  • Assignment of a commercial lease to new tenants$1,340.00
  • Assignment an existing retail shop lease to new tenants$1,350.00
  • Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) approval$250.00
  • Preparation of a contract of sale$150.00
  • Assistance with sale and purchase of commercial property$950.00
  • Advice on development approval (DA) application prospects$550.00
  • Preparation of sub-division application$750.00
  • Development approval (DA) application preparation and lodgementPOA
  • Advice on and assistance with purchase of business (including due diligence)$1,050.00
  • Preparation and submission of business license$135.00 (each license)
  • Advice and assistance with business purchase and financing$1,050.00 + $250.00
  • Assistance with sale of business (including franchising arrangements/financing)$1,050.00
  • Assignment of lease (sale of business)$385.00
  • Development approval (DA) application preparation and lodgementPOA
  • Copyright and trademarks advice, design registration, patenting, licensing and assignment$850.00

Notary, Legalisation

Great fee and fastest approach for all types of notary services.

Equine Law

We provide legal advice in relation to equine law & equestrian sports.

Commercial Consulting & Advisory

We are equipped with high quality commercial and advisory capabilities.

Aviation Law

Helping you with legal matters regarding aviation sector and aviation law.

Import & Export Controls Advice

Mastering the areas of import/export control and compliance.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Offshore Company Registration

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