Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car Crash Claim Lawyers (Property Damages)

If you are not at-fault party in a car accident, we have vast experience in Car Accident Settlement and Recovery through Negotiations, and Litigation.

Tailored solutions for Car Rental, Taxies, and Rideshare Companies. Call us today for discussion and advice 1300 805 855, 0406144848.

Experienced Car Crash Attorneys

We operate with a contingency fee arrangement, which means you don’t pay unless we get you a settlement.

   Car accidents and crashes

   Truck and commercial vehicle accidents

   Freeway and turnpike accidents

   Motorcycle crashes

   Drunk driver accident collisions

   Fatal automobile accidents

24 Years of Experience

Legal Advisory Services for Domestic and Multinational Firms

We understand the hardship and loss that car crash victims suffer after a car accident involving serious injury or death. Accident victims and families in Australia rely on the experienced vehicle accident attorneys at i-Global Lawyers to help them navigate the aftermath of difficult situations.

Looking for Car Crash Claims Legal Help? Get The Fair Compensation You Deserve

We help victims (who have suffered catastrophic injuries in motor vehicle accidents) get the full and fair compensation they deserve. We have obtained some of the highest personal injury verdicts and are known internationally for our litigation skills. Get a free consultation today with car crash claim lawyers.

  • Letter of demand and negotiation of settlement$550.00
  • Recovery through litigation(POA)

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Victims of car accidents need skilled negotiators & trial lawyers and we are here to help.

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