Civil And Criminal Litigation

Civil And Criminal Litigation

Helping with Criminal and Civil Litigation

When advocating for clients during civil or criminal litigation, professional lawyers must explore client-approved settlement discussions to help achieve a satisfactory resolution of the case—and our lawyers are the experts in this matter. Our areas of practice include but are not limited to:

   Anti-discrimination laws

   Building or construction disputes

   Commercial litigation

   Contract disputes

   Criminal litigation

24 Years of Experience

Civil Litigation

The civil litigation process is not limited to what occurs in a courtroom. It entails activities before, during, and after a lawsuit. Our attorneys have extensive experience litigating in federal trial and appellate courts and are well-versed in handling every aspect of a case inside and outside the courtroom.

Criminal Litigation

In the criminal defence area, our lawyers defend the interests and rights of companies and individuals in a wide variety of criminal, quasi-criminal, civil, administrative and regulatory matters.

Notary, Legalisation

Great fee and fastest approach for all types of notary services.

Equine Law

We provide legal advice in relation to equine law & equestrian sports.

Commercial Consulting & Advisory

We are equipped with high quality commercial and advisory capabilities.

Aviation Law

Helping you with legal matters regarding aviation sector and aviation law.

Import & Export Controls Advice

Mastering the areas of import/export control and compliance.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Victims of car accidents need skilled negotiators & trial lawyers and we are here to help.

Offshore Company Registration

Let us help you reduce any legal risk regarding off-shore company registration.